L2Klasika Gracia Final x5

Everyone will have same amount of xp, no premium accounts, no donations for important items or extra EXP, stable economics in game, great community looking for party, epic fights, antibot ( adrenaline or other 3rd party program will not work) antidos system

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L2Klasika x5

Login server: Online
Server status: Online

Grand Opening at 2017-09-22 18:00 Timezone: UTC+02:00
Control Panel for Game Users


News and announcements

2017-09-22 18:09:43 Live server is online

2017-09-21 01:09:14 Test server winners

All winners from test server contact l2klasika@gmail.com

You need to write down:

Your new live server account name
Prize type: enchant event or simple test server reward

Your email have to be the same as test server email
2017-09-18 22:09:52 Closed test server

Test sever has been closed, preparing for live start Gracia Final x5 at 2017-09-22
2017-09-09 19:09:49 RE: Enchant Event

Enchant event ends in 2017-09-18 last day to take risk

Current enchant event winners:

all info in control panel 
2017-09-08 14:09:47 Enchant Event

Enchant Event on Test server just started, come and catch your luck

Every unique test server player above 52lvl will get 5 random a grade weapons and 100 EWA 

We will select 5 lucky players with most enchanted weapons:  
Coin of Litas x15 
EXP/SP Rune 20% for 1 month ( exclusive no other way to get it ) 
Buff pack 1H x5 

Those items can be used at Live Gracia Final x5 server 
Go to control panel at start enchant event
Enchant rate is 66.6% for fighter and mage weapons.

2017-08-30 18:08:07 First test server winners

Congratulations players: 


Those players won 20 Coin of Litas for playing in test server

You can use it on Live server at 2017-09-22 18:00

1st class transfer: 5 Coin of Litas
2nd class transfer: 10 Coin of Litas
Buff pack: 0.5 Coin of Litas

Coin of Litas example ingame: 

2017-08-30 16:08:50 Added Mr. Cat to test server

Added Mr. Cat to test server

Mr. Cat functions:
1st 2nd class transfer with Coin of Litas
3rd class transfer (test server only) 
Get subclass ( test server only)
Get nobless ( test server only)
Please download new system patch

2017-08-23 00:08:20 Test server online

Test server online

Custom commands:

2017-07-28 18:07:00 Grand Opening at 2017-09-22

Grand Opening at 2017-09-22

Pirmasis Lietuviškas Lineage Gracia final  serveris

Server is ready and fully functional 

Invite your friends to the best official like server L2Klasika.com

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Top 5 clans

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1 Clanname1 0lvl 0
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4 Clanname4 0lvl 0
5 Clanname5 0lvl 0

Top 5 Players

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